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ADJECTIVE + PREPOSITION (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - She's been married ____ her husband for twenty years.

to, with

2 - He's married ____ two kids.

to, with

3 - It is similar ____ mine.

from, to, than

4 - He's interested ____ music.

at, in, on, of

5 - She was responsible ____ the mess.

for, of, in, on

6 - That's typical ____ them.

in, of, to, upon

7 - I am sick ____ their behaviour.

of, for, with

8 - They're capable ____ passing.

in, of, for, through

9 - I'm a bit short ____ cash; could you lend me some?

at, of, from, with

10 - I wasn't aware ____ what had happened.

at, of, up, with

EVEN (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - Everyone was there; ____ came.

even Sam, Sam even

2 - I bought it ____ it cost more than I could afford.

even if, even though

3 - The dinner was terrible, so ____ ate a little.

I even, even I

4 - I'll do it ____ it kills me.

even, even if, even though

5 - She's a workaholic; ____ works on Sundays.

even she, she even

6 - ____ could do it—it's easy!

Even a child, A child even

7 - I tried everything to contact her; ____ rang her mother.

even I, I even

8 - He eats anything—____ ate spiders when we were travelling.

even he, he even

9 - He refused to admit he was wrong, ____ he was shown the evidence.

when even, even when

10 - ____ it was shocking, I found it very funny.

Even, Even though

SHEER & PURE (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

‘Sheer’ or ‘pure’ or either word—Which sounds more natural?

1 - It was ____ hell getting to work this morning.

2 - Make sure you only drink ____ water.

3 - The theory is ____ science.

4 - The speakers produce a ____ sound.

5 - The ____ volume was deafening.

6 - The ____ fact that he tried to help doesn't excuse him.

7 - The ____ speed of the car is frightening.

8 - She got out of the situation through ____ bravado.

9 - The ____ size of the building is staggering.

10 - They tried to deduce the answer by ____ reason.

11 - The undervalued Chinese currency is an export subsidy, ______ and simple.

12 - Simply because of the _______ volume of snow, driving is ill-advised today.

13 - How much of the shows are for real and how much is for _______ entertainment?

14 - I watched one episode of this program out of ______ curiosity.

15 - If the bedchamber suggested classic cottage, the bathroom was ______ modern.

THICK & DENSE (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

Which word can fill the blank—dense, thick, or either one?

1 - ____ fog

2 - ____ soup

3 - ____ make-up

4 - ____ towel

5 - ____ population

6 - ____ forest

7 - ____ glasses

8 - ____ person (meaning 'stupid')

9 - ____ slice

10 - ___ skin

EMPHASIS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - It's ____ waste of time and money!

a sheer, an utter, a total, an extreme

2 - I was so disappointed that I ____ quit!

quite, at all costs, simply, utterly

3 - I was expecting him to help me, but he did nothing ____!

totally, utterly, whatsoever, quite

4 - It's ____ what I have been looking for!

just, quite, utterly, all

5 - It's so secret that I can't ____ mention it!

quite, even, just, by no means

6 - Expensive as____, I couldn't resist buying it!

was it, possible, it was, well

7 - I am proud of this; it is my very ____ recipe!

self, own, private, personal

8 - ____ who did you tell?

All, Just, As, Only

9 - It didn't bother me ____ the least!

to, in, at, at, for

10 - I would like to make it ____ clear that I was not involved!

simply, quite, so, utmost


Jumbo Pop Quiz: 2017 in Twenty-five Questions (courtesy of GrammarBook.com). This quiz covers the grammar/vocabulary points presented by GrammarBook.com over the last year.

1. Jennifer is still choosing [between / among] three job offers: bank supervisor, financial analyst, or portfolio manager.

2. The principal has [appraised / apprised] us of the changes to school policy.

3. The coach [substituted / replaced] the bigger, slower player [with / for] a smaller, quicker one.

4. My uncle owns a [40-foot / 40-ft.] house boat.

5. The salesperson gave us three [choices / options] of current LED TV models to pick from.

6. My favorite book is ["To Kill a Mockingbird" / To Kill a Mockingbird] by Harper Lee.

7. Robert is an [honest, hard-working / honest hard-working] man.

8. The due date for the invoice is [September 1 / September 1st].

9. When hiring website developers for our company, we always look for [experts / trained experts] in JavaScript and SQL.

10. I [made the decision / decided] to attend grad school after earning my bachelor's degree.

11. Jason is averse [to / of] doing the military press in the weight room because it's adverse [against / to] his right shoulder.

12. By holding an auction for rare memorabilia, the VFW raised more than $60,000 [on behalf of / in behalf of] families of deceased or wounded veterans.

13. Between you and [I / me], I think the restaurant is way overpriced.

14. Please return the supplies you don't use to Mark or [me / myself].

15. [Young people / Youth] today have to contend with more distractions.

16. The review panel found the film to be an [exploitive / exploitative] treatment of postmodern feminism.

17. Crystal composed her essay much (differently from how / differently than) Christian wrote his.

18. The house across the street belongs to the Sanchez family. The SUV in the driveway is the [Sanchez's / Sanchezes'] car.

19. The lack of voter participation [affected / effected] the outcome of the election.

20. The band eventually left their rented practice space because of the [continual / continuous] drip from the ceiling. It never stopped while they tried to play.

21. The crowd [is / are] so large that the city may need to request extra security from the neighboring town.

22. For the following sentence, identify whether the verb used is a transitive or intransitive verb and whether the pronoun is a direct or indirect object:

Mrs. Johanssen likes to bring [transitive / intransitive] us [indirect / direct] freshly baked cookies every Sunday after church.

23. Peter is always ready to help [whoever / whomever] might be struggling with the assignment.

24. Which salutation punctuation would be appropriate for informal correspondence between good friends?

a) Dear Susan,

b) Dear Susan:

25. [Most importantly / Most important], her credit cards weren't in her wallet when she lost it.

About to, Bound to or Due to? (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - The way he drives, he's ____ to have an accident some day.

2 - Fasten your seat belts—the plane's ____ to land.

3 - They're ____ to be late—they're never on time.

4 - I checked with the station—the train is ____ to get in at 7:30.

5 - I had my coat on and was ____ to leave when the phone rang.

6 - She's _____ to retire in the summer when she reaches the age.

7 - He looks angry—I think he's ____ to lose his temper completely.

8 - With such poor sales figures, they're ____ to go bankrupt sooner or later.

9 - The aircraft couldn't take off ____ to the fog.

10 - He was ____ to appear in court last Friday but didn't show up.

11 - Ownership of your digital self stored on microchips is ________ to become an issue.

12 - Ever get cut off by the closing doors just as you are _______ to get on the train?

13 - The Shang Palace, serving authentic Cantonese food, is ________ to open in September.


Advanced Exam Traps 3B (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

15 - She isn't really ......... for the job.

capable, suitable, adaptable, fitted

16 - The car pulled .... at the stop sign.

back, up, through, away

17 - The bedroom light is off, so they ......... be asleep.

can, would, must, need

18 - She .......... her flat burgled last week.

had, was, should have, would be

19 - They found it hard to ....... up to the fact that they had failed.

face, look, set, work

20 - There is a ........ of water because it hasn't rained enough this winter.

rarity, shortage, lacking, needy

21 - ...... we arrived, the fire alarm went off.

Just as, Hardly, So soon, Scarcely

22 - The writer ....... works have affected me the most is Tolstoy.

which, of which, whom, whose

23 - The police arrested them at the customs check at the …….

limit, boundary, divide, border

24 - Could you ....... me to pay the gas bill tomorrow?

remember, recommend, suggest, remind

25 - You had ......... hurry if you're going to get to the bank before it closes.

rather, to, sooner, better

26 - He realised that his wallet had been ....... after he'd left the tube.

robbed, broken into, stolen, thieved

27 - He's always on time, so he ........ got to the office by now.

will have, would have, might have, may have

28 - This is by ........ the funniest film I've seen in ages.

heart, far, then, chance

Advanced Exam Traps 3A (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - ........... going for a drink after work?

Let’s, Shall we, How about, Why not

2 - I'm sorry, but I've ...... my homework at home.

forgotten, left, missed, not brought

3 - Could you ........ to the museum?

tell me the way, tell me what is the way, direct the way, indicate the way

4 - He tried to prevent the dogs .... fighting.

to, at, from, for

5 - The ....... of the test is to establish how much progress has been made.

idea, result, pass, aim

6 - ...... the lack of facilities, the centre was closed down.

Because, Since, According to, Due to

7 - I wish I ..... never told them about it.

have, had, would have, should have

8 - He ...... succeeded if he had tried harder.

should, ought to, would have, ought to have

9 - My flat was cheap because it ........ a lot doing to it before we could live there.

wanted, took, needed, had to

10 - I tried ...... several pairs of shoes before I found the ones I wanted.

for, out for, to, on

11 - Let's go and speak to her face ...... face.

to, at, for, by

12 - The snow ....... when the sun came out.

dissolved, liquidised, melted, thawed

13 - It took her a long time ........ to the station.

for getting, to get, getting, to have got

14 - I'm earning less now so I'll have to cut ......... my spending.

into, down on, up, off