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Advanced Exam Traps 1B (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

16 - According ...... the opinion polls, the opposition are losing.

for, with, by, to

17 - The company made a huge ........ last year.

profit, reward, bonus, money

18 - He ........... on the course because he was sick for three weeks.

left behind, fell behind, got through, got over

19 - I bought the car because it has a very low fuel .......

consumption, consummation, consummate, consuming

20 - It's time we ......

left, were to leave, leave, are leaving

21 - Get ...... the bus at the stop before the station.

through, over, on, in

22 - The factory chimneys give ......... too much smoke.

away, off, over, in to

23 - I'd be very grateful if you ........ me your reply.

could send, sent, had sent, send

24 - He won't get the job ....... he passes the exam.

if, when, whether, unless

25 - I've always wished I .......... play a musical instrument.

would, should, could, might

26 - I will not stand ....... any more of his rudeness.

up to, by, for, out

27 - Please tell ........ call me.

her to, her for, her, to her

28 - Call me the second you ........ anything.

hear, will have heard, will be hearing, will hear

29 - ........ it is supposed to be easy, they still found it very hard.

Despite, Nevertheless, Although, In spite of

Advanced Exam Traps 1A (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - There was no ........ in waiting until six o'clock, so we left.

worth, point, value, time

2 - The fog has played havoc ....... the flight schedule.

of, with, for, to

3 - .......... all I know, he's still living there.

For, Much, That, If

4 - I look forward ........ from you.

to hear, to hearing, for hearing, hear

5 - I told you ....... it.

not touching, not to touching, not touch, not to touch

6 - ….. the time they get here, it will have finished.

In, On, By, Till

7 - The wound took a long time to ......

cure, heal, seal, remedy

8 - I took the stairs because the lift was out of .......

trim, condition, order, shape

9 - You ...... better take the books to the library today.

should, had, would, ought to

10 - His phone was ........ off because he hadn't paid his bill.

cut, turned, taken, set

11 - He burst ..... tears after failing the exam.

in, to, into, out of

12 - The plane left on time ............ the fog.

nevertheless, in spite, however, despite

13 - It seemed a good .... at the time, but it proved to be a disaster.

idea, thought, belief, reckoning

14 - ......... having a cold, he managed to get the work finished.

In spite of, Despite, Even though, Although

15 - I look forward ........... from you.

to hear, to having heard, to hearing, having heard





EXAM TRICKS 2B (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

16 - Hunger has decreased in some areas, ........... in others it has increased.

unlike, despite, whereas, as opposed

17 - I didn't set ........ to cause any trouble; it just happened.

up, out, off, about

18 - The more expensive one seems to be a better choice ....... it will last a lot longer.

in view of, in that, by dint of, due to

19 - The workers went ....... strike for better working conditions.

to, in, on, for

20 - The company was ........ up after a disastrous year.

wound, folded, put, taken

21 - The company has to make thirty workers ....... to save money.

sacked, fired, redundant, unemployed

22 - We arrived in ..... time for the flight.

long, just, plenty, high

23 - It took him two weeks to get ........ the infection.

through, past, by, over

24 - ............ for the police, there would have been a lot more trouble.

If it were, Had it not been, Unless it had been, If it had been

25 - The management and union went to ............. to resolve the problems.

negotiation, discussion, agreement, arbitration

26 - Mrs Wright ........ the meeting.

chaired, captained, managed, directed

27 - I was ....... the impression that he was coming.

over, under, into, for

28 - Her work was praised for its ......... attention to detail.

subtle, concentrated, meticulous, significant

29 - The information was ....... to the press by a whistleblower.

filtered, said, passed, leaked

30 - I couldn't get a replacement because the shop didn't have any in ...........

stock, supply, store, shop




EXAM TRICKS 2A (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - Everyone was ........ by her speech and listened intently.

captured, caught, captivated, taken up

2 - You are under no obligation ........... to sign the contract.

if ever, moreover, indeed, whatsoever

3 - The ............ of the contract state that employees must give two months' notice.

terms, regulations, laws, small print

4 - Could you ....... a few potatoes for me?

carve, peel, mince, shave

5 - ......... had the plane touched down than customs officials boarded it.

Hardly, Only when, Usually, No sooner

6 - The new motorway has three .......... in each direction.

roads, lanes, ways, lines

7 - I suggest .......... the small print before you sign that contract.

you read, you to read, do you read, for reading

8 - The TV show has been an instant success: it is doing well in the .......

ratings, polls, circulation, opinions

9 - Shoplifters will be ........

persecuted, prosecuted, prohibited, prevented

10 - If only people ...... be more considerate!

might, may, would, should

11 - He's happy because he ......... the exam.

passed, failed, succeeded, took

12 - She was ...... responsible for the accident.

made, taken, decided, held

13 - Early retirement gave him more time to .......... his own interests.

look for, chase, pursue, take after

14 - We are all well ....... of your qualifications; there's no need to tell us again.

understood, knowledgeable, aware, acquainted

15 - Several people were hurt when the train came to a sudden ........

delay, halt, stand, brake





EXAM TRICKS 1B (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

15 - He ........ shout even though I asked him to keep the noise down.

would, will, insisted on, won’t

16 - I never buy expensive gloves because I’m always .......... them.

losing, used to losing, lost, loosing

17 - The results of the research were ...... convincing that we felt obliged to publish them.

so, such, really, very

18 - The scones were ..... hot that we had to wait for them to cool down.

such, so, as, really

19 - Under no circumstances ......... press that button.

you will, you should, must you, you must

20 - Hardly .................. her speech than the sound failed.

had she begun, did she begin, was she beginning, she began

21 - The police tend to do things ..... the book.

by, at, on, for

22 - He looked as though he............... some bad news.

gave, was given, has given, had been given

23 - I tried to learn from it by putting it ....... to experience.

up, away, down, over

24 - The project has been held ...... by her illness.

down, off, back, in

25 - When she found the purse, there was ........ any money in it.

no, some, never, hardly

26 - By the time we get there, it ........... finished.

will have, ought to, has, might

27 - You are always leaving the milk out of the fridge. I wish you ..........!

don’t, won’t, hadn’t, wouldn’t

28 - Despite the investigation, the ....... of the accident remains a mystery.

reason, start, result, cause




EXAM TRICKS 1A (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - .......... the good reviews, the film was a box office failure.

Instead of, Apart from, In spite of, In the event of

2 - You should ....... two hours for the journey.

permit, allow, give, let

3 - He looked ........ his record collection to see if he could find the album.

at, up, through, into

4 - In the 1970s, she.................flared trousers like everybody else.

would have had, was used to have, used to having, used to had

5 - I finished two novels......... the holiday.

over, through, since, while

6 - He’s always complaining........ his flatmates.

about, of, over, at

7 - They are always shouting ..... their children.

to, about, down, at

8 - She was ........... with murder.

charged, accused, arrested, sentenced

9 - When I was 40, I wanted to do something new, so I took.... painting.

on, up, after, over

10 - The dog will not bite you.......... you leave it alone.

provided, unless, when, if ever

11 - I wouldn't recommend .......... that car; it's got a lot of faults.

you to buy, you buy, buying, that you would buy

12 - She resembles her mother very closely; she is very ...... her mother.

like, as, resembling, taking after

13 - We...........for a few hours when the lightning struck.

were walking, had been walking, have walked, walked

14 - This stew would taste better if you added a ........ of butter.

slice, piece, knob, rasher




EXAMINATION TRAPS 3B (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

14 - I'm earning less now, so I'll have to cut ......... my spending

into, down on, up to, off

15 - She isn't really ......... for the job.

capable, suitable, adapted, fitted

16 - The car pulled ...... at the stop sign.

back, up, through, away

17 - The bedroom light is off, so they ......... be asleep.

can, would, must, need

18 - She ........ her flat burgled last week.

had, let, saw, made

19 - They never ....... up to the fact that they had failed.

faced, looked, set, worked

20 - There is a ........ of water because it hasn't rained enough.

rare, shortage, lacking, need

21 - ...…. we arrived, the fire alarm went off.

Just as, Hardly, So soon, Scarcely

22 - The writer .......works have affected me most is Tolstoy.

which, of which, that, whose

23 - The police arrested them at the customs check at the ….

limit, boundary, divide, border

24 - Could you ....... me to pay the gas bill tomorrow?

remember, recommend, suggest, remind

25 - You had ......... hurry if you're going to get to the bank before it closes.

rather, to, sooner, better

26 - He suddenly realised that his wallet had been ........

robbed, broken into, stolen, thieved

27 - He's always on time, so he ........ have got to the office by now.

will, would, might, may

28 - This is by ........ the funniest film I've seen in ages.

heart, far, much, chance




EXAMINATION TRAPS 3A (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - .........going for a drink after work?

Let's, Shall we, How about, Why not

2 - I'm sorry, but I've......my homework at home.

forgotten, left, missed, not brought

3 - Could you.......the way to the museum?

tell me, guide me, direct, indicate

4 - He tried to prevent the dogs.…..fighting.

in, at, from, for

5 - The ....... of the test is to establish how much progress has been made.

idea, result, passing, aim

6 - ...... the lack of facilities, the centre was closed down.

Because, Since, According to, Due to

7 - I wish I......never told them about it.

have, had, would have, should have

8 - He .…...have succeeded if he had tried harder.

should, ought to, would, has to

9 - My flat was cheap because it ........ a lot doing to it before we could live there.

wanted, took, needed, had to

10 - I tried ...….several pairs of shoes before I found ones I wanted.

for, out, to, on

11 - Let's go and speak to her face ...….face.

to, at, for, by

12 - The snow ....... when the sun came out.

dissolved, liquidated, melted, thawed

13 - It took her a long time ........ to the station.

for getting, to get, getting, to have got




EXAMINATION TRAPS 2b (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

21 - The new magazine is aimed .......... the over-30 age group.

at, by, to, for

22 - Excuse me, can you ..... me whether this train goes to London?

speak, say, explain, tell

23 - He had to stand ......... his colleague and speak at the meeting when she was ill.

by, with, up to, in for

24 - He ........ to be an expert.

said, reckoned, claimed, admitted

25 - The strollers sought .......... from the torrential rain.

refuge, solace, escape, defense

26 - He went into hospital for several ........

checks, exams, tests, trials

27 - Some astonishing facts ....... to light when she published her autobiography.

turned, brought, came, set

28 - His career as a footballer was ruined by the .......... of an injury.

renewal, resumption, restart, recurrence

29 - Her argument was ......... up by a lot of well-researched facts.

filled, backed, supported, drummed

30 - In ........ to the fine, he had to pay legal costs.

addition, further, excess, surplus

31 - He ........ to the crime.

admitted, pleaded, confessed, apologised

32 - There had been a lot of changes ......... to the town since she had lived there.

made, done, brought, seen

33 - With all the ..... in the world, I can't do anything about it.

reason, intention, wish, will

34 - Reading ........ the lines, you can see that he was a disturbed individual.

in, between, behind, through

35 - It's standard ........ to charge a booking fee for theatre tickets.

custom, habit, rule, practice

36 - Certain dog breeds are ...... to breathing problems as they get old.

prone, likely, disposed, bound

37 - You ...... know better than to believe him.

ought, would, should, may

38 - It was ......... of a shock when he passed.

quite, rather, something, somewhat

39 - After he had been found guilty, the judge passed ......

verdict, sentence, prison, punishment

40 - The Government was .......... down by a vote of no confidence.

sent, put, brought, closed

41 - She's ready ....... you.

seeing, for seeing, and see, to see

42 - The traffic gets even worse during the tourist ........

term, period, season, peak

43 - ........ does she write well, but her books sell well, too.

If only, Not only, Furthermore, Sometimes




FAMILY PLURALS AND POSSESSIVES (copyright Grammarbook.com)

Choose the correct proper noun in each sentence below. The original family name is in parentheses.

1. I’m going to marry Ms. Straus’/Strauses’/Straus’s daughter. (Straus)

2. The Ortiz’/Ortizes’/Ortiz’s dog bit the mailman. (Ortiz)

3. My son can’t seem to get enough of Sandra Finches/Finches’/Finch’s fried chicken. (Finch)

4. The Ames/Ames'/Ameses are coming home from vacation tomorrow. (Ames)

5. The Birchs/Birches/Birchs' have arrived but the Bohmbachs/Bohmbaches/ Bohmachs' are running late. (Birch, Bohmbach)


EXAMINATION TRAPS 2a (copyright UsingEnglish.com)


1 - They hoped to ......... me to see their point of view.

persuade, insist, explain, suggest

2 - I find it hard to get .... on my salary.

over, by, through, into

3 - I refuse to put my position in ........ for something so petty.

stake, jeopardy, hazard, risk

4 - I hate having to ........ the turkey on Christmas day.

slice, cut, carve, chop

5 - He insisted ....... leaving early.

of, for, to, on

6 - Traffic was brought to a complete ....... by the accident.

stoppage, standstill, block, barricade

7 - Train ...... have increased again.

fares, fees, costs, prices

8 - I can't stand the .......... of blood.

view, show, look, sight

9 - These jeans will ....... when you wash them the first time.

diminish, lessen, shrink, reduce

10 - It's about time we ....... going.

have got, get, getting, to get

11 - It's high time you ........ that work.

finished, would finish, had to finish, should have finished

12 - Those windows need ..........

clean, cleaning, be cleaned, being cleaned

13 - You should always read the ............ print before signing a contract.

little, tiny, minuscule, small

14 - They came ....... a fortune when their father died.

into, upon, up to, for

15 - I prefer freshly ........ coffee.

grated, shredded, powdered, ground

16 - I don't ....... to know everything about it.

pretend, admit, suggest, state

17 - I chose this bank because it has the best interest ......

percentage, rate, level, range

18 - I don't know what is wrong with the car; it just ........ start.

shan’t, mightn't, won't, shouldn't

19 - I picked ...... a bit of German while I was staying there.

up, off, out, at

20 - It was the first time she ........... to the opera.

went, had been, would go, would have gone





EXAMINATION TRAPS 1 (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - Whenever he felt cross, he ......... bite his nails.

will, may, had, would

2 - Phoning at ........ rate costs more than in the evening.

Full, high, top, peak

3 - It is the first time I ............. squid.

eat, have eaten, ate, had eaten

4 - The opposition hope to get elected ......... the poor results of the opinion poll.

despite, nevertheless, apart, in spite

5 - There's been a lot of concern about the environmental ......... of the new oil refinery.

affect, pollution, impact, emission

6 - I'm getting the manufacturers ....... it with a new one.

replace, replacing, be replaced, to replace

7 - The new laws will become ....... as of Friday.

in effect, efficient, affective, effective

8 - Weren't you .... to have completed the work by now?

supposed, reckoned, told, managed

9 - As ...... as I am concerned, that was all finished ages ago.

well, far, good, much

10 - I only caught a ........ of her.

glance, gander, glimpse, glimmer

11 - They were .......... to justice years ago.

made, done, taken, brought

12 - I read a newspaper every day to stay in touch with ......... affairs.

current, news, actual, modern

13 - There isn't any milk, so we'll have to make ...... with powder.

up, do, over, use

14 - He can't be so keen, ...... that he's never on time.

judging, seeing, viewing, noting

15 - He found ....... his horror that his car had been stolen.

with, from, to, by




RIGHT OR WRONG? (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

If the sentence is incorrect, please fix it.

1 - Even I try, I won't succeed.


2 - You'd be better to do it.


3 - Never I have seen anything like it!


4 - She lives in the Southeast Asia.


5 - I was really looking forward to do it.


6 - She wouldn't let me to do it.


7 - I bought some dessicated coconut.


8 - It lasted me ages to get here.


9 - The others were expected to fail, but Maria even failed.


10 - How was it like?


HAD BETTER OR…? (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - You ____do it again.

hadn't better, had better not, had better not to

2 - You ____ be better off staying at home and saving your money.

had, would

3 - You'd better try harder, ____ you?

had, hadn't, would, wouldn't

4 - He'd better _____anything about it at the meeting yesterday.

not say, not said, not have said, not to have said

5 - I _____ better their situation if I could.

had, would, would have

6 - It ____ better for them if they could leave a bit earlier.

had, would, would be

7 - It's getting late—you ____ better to take a taxi.

had, would, would be

8 - You'd better ____ by the time I get back.

to have finished, have finished, to finish


LIKE, AS or AS IF (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - He works ..... a clerk.

2 - She works ....... crazy.

3 - It looks ....... rain.

4 - He's retiring next month ..... you know.

5 - He looks ..... his brother.

6 - I feel ..... taking a break from work.

7 - ..... a child, I used to play the violin.

8 - Stop behaving ..... a child.

9 - He speaks ...... a politician, but he's a hairdresser.

10 - She runs ...... the wind.

11 - He drinks ..... a fish.

12 - ..... a parent with school children, I'm very concerned about the curriculum.

13 - He left the building ...... a bat out of hell.

14 - Everybody's behaving ........ we've already failed.

15 - He looks ...... his mother.

16 - ........ I didn't have enough to do, you want me to do your work, too.

17 - I did it ....... you told me, but it still won't work.

18 - He drives ...... a maniac.

19 - She smokes …... a chimney.

20 – I don’t like sushi ….. you do.




CAUSATIVE VERBS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

Which is the correct interpretation?

1 - I had my hair cut last week.

The speaker did not cut his own hair.

The speaker cut his own hair.

2 - They had their car stolen a fortnight ago.

The causative is used to show an experience.

The causative is used to show an arrangement.

3 - He had the decorators repaint the bedroom ceiling.

He worked with the decorators.

He told the decorators what to do.

4 - I'll get Claire to talk to him.

This means 'I'll have Claire talk to him.'

This means that something unfortunate will happen to Claire.

5 - I'd get somebody in to do it if I could afford it.

The speaker will do it herself.

It is not clear if she will do it herself or if it won't be done.

6 - I must get my computer fixed.

The speaker has made the decision.

Somebody has given the speaker instructions.

7 - I have to have my hair cut

The speaker has made the decision.

Somebody has given the speaker instructions.

8 - She had her dog vaccinated.

She gave the dog the injection.

The vet gave the dog the injection.

9 - He had a phone put in the day he moved in.

This is a formal way of using the past perfect.

An installer put the phone in on his instructions.

10 - Can you get it fixed for me, please?

This is asking the other person to fix it.

This is asking the other person to arrange for its repair.

11 - He had his car stolen.

He arranged for some car thieves to steal it.

He suffered something unfortunate.

12 - He had his flat burgled a few days ago.

He was responsible for the action.

He suffered something unfortunate.

13 - I'm going to get my car serviced this afternoon.

He will be responsible for the action, but will not do it himself.

He will suffer something unfortunate.




A FEW MORE CONNECTIVES (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - I was very happy ____ all my old friends living there.

that, with, which

2 - I didn't feel lonely ____ I had a lot of friends who could help me.

that, since, with

3 - They were very friendly ____ I felt at home.

and, but, because

4 - ____ I felt unhappy, but I came to like it.

At first, First, Firstly

5 - ____ I needed it, there was always someone willing to help.

Whether, If, Since


6 - ____ that, I always felt I would succeed.

Beside, Besides, Aside from

7 - Living there has many advantages, ____ there are problems.

however, though, since

8 - It was great ____ it made me feel at home.

because of, since, although

9 - They spent ages trying to prove themselves ____ getting accepted.

as, before, since

10 - ____ she saw it, she assumed it was an explosion.

While, When, However





CONNECTIVES AND CONTRASTIVES (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - He took his gloves as it was very cold outside.

'As' means ‘at the time’.

'As' means 'because'.

2 - Since she was the best worker, she was promoted quickly.

'Since' means ‘after’.

'Since' means ‘because’.

3 - He worked very hard for the test. However, he still failed it.

The speaker is surprised that the person failed.

The speaker is not surprised that the person failed.

4 - He wouldn't drive slower despite the thick fog.

The speaker thinks the other person's driving was well-considered.

The speaker thinks the other person's driving was ill-considered.

5 - She insisted on going for a walk in spite of the weather.

Her decision seems illogical.

Her decision seems logical.

6 - Since he could speak several languages, he found a job without difficulty.

'Since' means 'because'.

'Since' means 'after'.

7 - Although it was freezing, he went out in a T-shirt.

The speaker thinks this is logical behaviour.

The speaker thinks that this is not logical behaviour.

8 - In spite of the problems, we managed to finish on time.

The speaker did not expect to finish on time.

The speaker expected to finish on time.

9 - Despite the police, the demonstration went ahead.

The police tried to stop the demonstration.

The police did not try to stop the demonstration.

10 - Even though he had not done any work, he still got the best mark.

The speaker thinks that this is logical.

The speaker thinks that this is illogical.

11 - It was easy as we had all the instructions.

'As' means 'when'.

'As' means 'because'.




CONTRASTS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - She was happy with her marks after the test, ___ she had hoped for a higher grade.

despite, although, however

2 - My son is going to get married ___ I may think.

although, whatever, however, nevertheless

3 - She does a lot of exercise, _____ she hasn't lost any weight.

despite, nevertheless, but, however

4 - _____ they are very rich, they are really mean.

But, Yet, Though, However

5 - Cars are very convenient. ____, parking is a major problem.

Although, Despite, However

6 - ____ the fact that it was cold, she went out in a t-shirt.

Despite, In spite, Although, Even though

7 - It was hard, ____ I managed to do it.

However, but, nevertheless




FORMALITY (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

Which is more formal?

1 - If I ____ you...

was, were

2 - I would be grateful if you ____ send me the cheque without delay.

Would, could

3 - I am available for interview ____.

at any time, at your convenience

4 - I look forward to an answer___.

Soon, as soon as possible, at your earliest convenience, ASAP

5 - ____. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks, Thank you, Thanking you in advance

6 - Dear _____,

Dear Mr John, Dear Mr John Jacobs, Dear Mr Jacobs

7 - It is ____ good.

Very, really

8 - ____ we forget.

Lest, In case




TIME IDIOMS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)


1 - If you do something in ‘the nick of time’, you do it earlier than expected.

2 - 'Now and then' means 'frequently'.

3 - 'Zero hour' means that it is not important when something happens.

4 - If someone says that he was not ‘born yesterday’, he means that he is very old.

5 - If you ‘rue the day’ that you did something, you are proud to have done it.

6 - If something is ‘just a question of time’, it is certain to happen.

7 - If something happens ‘at the eleventh hour’, it happens late.

8 - If you ‘call it a day’, you are old-fashioned.

9 - If something is done ‘around the clock’, there is very little time to do it.

10 - If something happens ‘like clockwork’, it requires individual control.





INVERSION (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - No sooner ____ than I realised what was going on.

had I arrived; I had arrived

2 - Not until ...

had I got home, I remembered.

had I got home, did I remember

I had got home, I remembered.

I had got home, did I remember.

3 - Just as _____ leaving, the phone rang.

I was; was I

4 - Only by calling them every hour of the day _____ to get what I wanted.

did I manage; I managed

5 - Since ____ known her, we've never argued.

I have; have I

6 - Seldom _____ seen such a mess.

I have; have I

7 - Only when ...

I phoned did I hear what had happened.

did I phone I heard what had happened.

I phoned I heard what had happened.

did I phone did I hear what had happened

8 - So ____ said, so little done.

was much; much was

9 - So good ____ that he got the highest grade possible.

his marks were; were his marks

10 - Never ____ heard such an appalling speech.

I have; have I





Prepositions Quiz (copyright Jane Straus/GrammarBook.com)

Choose the correct sentence:


1. A) Where did you find the lost puppy at?

B) Where did you find the lost puppy?

2. A) Juanita is different from Scottie.

B) Juanita is different than Scottie.

3. A) We should have known not to leave our car doors unlocked.

B) We should of known not to leave our car doors unlocked.

4. A) How can I get this stain off of my jeans?

B) How can I get this stain off my jeans?

5. A) Just as LaMar, check your work carefully.

B) Just like LaMar, check your work carefully.

6. A) Cut the cake into small pieces.

B) Cut the cake up into small pieces.

7. A) Which address is Enrico at?

B) At which address is Enrico?

C) Both sentences are correct.

8. A) I dived in the pool.

B) I dived into the pool.

C) Both sentences are correct.

9. A) I fell off of the porch when I was sweeping it.

B) I fell off the porch when I was sweeping it.

10. A) I saw my reflection in the mirror.

B) I saw my reflection into the mirror.


QUITE OR RATHER? (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - It was ____ good.

quite, rather, Either

2 - It's ___ the best restaurant I've eaten in.

quite, rather, Either

3 - It was ____ better than I had expected.

quite, rather, Either

4 - I ___ liked it.

quite, rather, Either

5 - It was not ____ good enough.

quite, rather, Either

6 - I'd ____ not do it, unless you really want to.

quite, rather, Either


TIME (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

Which meaning is correct?

1 - It's time we left.

They haven't left.

They've left.

2 - You chose a fine time to tell me.

This is a good time to tell him.

This isn't a good time to tell him.

3 - Isn't it about time you two were married?

They aren't married.

They are married.

4 - It's high time you did homework.

The person did her homework.

The person hasn't done her homework.

5 - She tried time and time again.

She tried many times.

She tried twice.

6 - It's time Sam grows up.

Sam's grown up.

Sam's immature.

7 - She arrived on time.

She had no difficulty on her way.

She had difficulty on her way.

8 - She arrived in time.

She had no difficulty on her way.

She had difficulty on her way.

9 - It's time we left.

They have left.

They are about to leave.

10 - Isn't it time for a break?

The break is scheduled.

The break is probably not scheduled.

11 - I'll do it sometime soon.

The speaker doesn't know when she'll do it.

The speaker knows when she'll do it


1 - It gladdened me to see her......so well.

look, looking

2 - Did you remember.......your homework with you today?

Bringing, to bring

3 - He had no difficulty.......a place on the course.

getting, to get

4 - I regret......her about it now.

to tell, telling

5 - It was Paul; I saw him........it.

do, doing

6 - Sorry........you, but I need some help.

disturbing, to disturb

7 - I just can't get used.....in the city.

to living, to live

8 - I want you.......it soon.

finishing, to finish

9 - I'm sorry........inform you that your application was unsuccessful.

having to, to have to

10 - Please don't forget.......her the message.

giving, to give

11 - She tried........the mountain, but the weather forced her to give up.

to climb, climbing

12 - ........too much coffee is bad for you.

Drinking, To drink

13 - It's no use....... about the exam now.

to worry, worrying

14 - You've left it a bit late.........your work in.

handing, to hand

15 - I mustn't forget......her soon.

phoning, to phone

16 - It's no good......to convince her; she'll never listen.

to try, trying

17 - What would you like.......this evening?

Doing, to do

18 - I didn't have enough time.......the exam.

to finish, finishing

19 - I’d like........them again.

to see, seeing

20 - I spent two hours.......for him.

waiting, to wait

21 - It took her a while to get used........on the left.

to drive, to driving

22 - I am looking forward........her next week.

to meeting, to meet

23 - Does it need.......straightaway?

doing, to do

24 - Would you mind.........the window?

to close, closing

25 - I don't like.........early.

getting up, to get up

26 - I hate........interrupted!

being, to be

27 - I prefer........here to my old job.

to work, working

28 - If the program still doesn't work, try........the software.

to reload, reloading

29 - I can't stand.......them look so unhappy.

to see, seeing

30 - You had better.......it before you leave.

finish, to finish

31 - ........that film was a complete waste of time.

To watch, Watching

32 - I'm not used to......so hard.

work, working

33 - The rules are.......everybody work together.

to help, helping



WORD ORDER (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

Which is correct or more natural?


Rarely I have done it.

I have rarely done it


I yesterday saw them.

I saw them yesterday.


I don't know where they are.

I don't know where are they.


He has always done his best.

He has done always his best.


I never have said that.

Never have I said that.


We heard the same thing all night.

We heard all night the same thing.


I have done seldom it.

I have done it seldom.


I have managed to finish it in just time.

I have managed to finish it just in time.


It was only the thing that I did.

It was the only thing that I did.


I have yet to finish.

I have to yet finish.



1 - I regret having invited them in the first place.

The speaker was not regretful when she invited them, but is now.

The speaker had to invite them and regretted it at the time.

2 - I like skiing.

The speaker is interested in trying the sport.

The speaker has already been skiing.

3 - Just imagine being stuck in a tiny office with Tom all day.

The speaker probably likes Tom.

The speaker probably doesn't like Tom.

4 - I'd love to meet her.

The speaker enjoyed meeting her.

The speaker hasn't met her.

5 - I'm sorry for letting you down, Steve.

The speaker won't be able to keep an appointment.

The speaker wasn't able to keep an appointment.

6 - I'm interested in finding out more about it.

The speaker has already started looking for information.

The speaker is probably going to start looking for information.

7 - I tried writing to my local MP, but it was a waste of time.

The speaker didn't finish the letter.

The speaker sent the letter.

8 - I was interested to hear the news about Chris.

The speaker heard the news.

The speaker wanted to hear the news but didn't.

9 - I regret to say that the wedding has been called off.

The speaker is breaking some bad news.

The bad news was already known to the listener.

10 - A lot of people have stopped buying petrol at that garage.

The garage has lots of customers at the moment.

The garage doesn't have many customers any more.

11 - I'm thinking of having a fortnight off.

I've not made my mind up yet.

I've already made up my mind.

12 - She's stopped to have a cigarette.

She doesn't smoke any longer.

She smokes.

13 - I saw her take it.

It probably took her a long time.

It probably didn't take her very long.

14 - I heard them talking about it.

The speaker probably didn't hear everything.

The speaker probably heard everything.

15 - She tried to contact him on his mobile.

She didn't manage to speak to him.

She managed to speak to him.

16 - I remember telling her.

The speaker told her.

The speaker is going to tell her.

17 - I tried speaking to her face-to-face to see if that would work.

The speaker spoke to her.

The speaker was unable to speak to her.

18 - I forgot to send it.

The speaker cannot remember whether they sent it or not.

The speaker knows they didn't send it.



1. The last outbreak of smallpox occurred in the late seventy’s.

2. Can you get here by 12:00 midnight?

3. Please deliver the package by August 1st.

4. Her flight leaves at 5:00 a.m. in the morning.

5. The market is open from 9 am to 9 p.m.

6. Traffic will be detoured on Saturday, April 22, from 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.





Please use the verb in parentheses to make the appropriate verb form in the blank.

1—John doesn't do much sport. If he ________ (do) more sport, he _____ (be) much thinner.

2—Look at those clouds. If it ______ (rain), we ______ (get) wet.

3—The bus is late. If it ________ (not arrive) soon, we___________ (get) a taxi.

4—My sister is very clever. If I ________ (work) harder, I _____ (be) as clever as my sister.

5—I'm really tired. If I ______ (not be) tired, I ____ (come) over.

6—Susan usually does the cooking at home. If she ____________ (cook) tonight, we __________ (have) borsht.

7—It's only a short journey. If we ________ (get) there before lunchtime, we____________ (have)

time to go shopping.

8—Do you want my advice? If I ___________ (be) you, I __________ (find) a new girlfriend.


REMEMBERING (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - Did you remember ____ it off before you left?

turning, to turn

2 - I remember ____ smoke coming out of the engine.

seeing, to see

3 - If you remember doing something, the memory comes after the action.

True or False?

4 - If you remember to do something, the memory comes before the action.

True or False?

5 - They think I forgot all about it, but I clearly remember ____ it.

doing, to do

6 - The witnesses remember ____ two men steal it.

seeing, to see

7 - There's no difference in meaning between the infinitive and the gerund after 'remember'.

True or False?

8 - None of this would have happened if only I'd remembered ____ them beforehand.

warning, to warn

9 - Do you remember her ____ there?

being, to be

10 - In formal English, we don't use the infinitive after 'remember'.

True or False?




BABIES & CHILDREN IDIOMS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - A ‘blue-eyed boy’ is someone's favourite person.

True or False

2 - If something is ‘child's play’, it is dangerous.

True or False

3 - A ‘tar baby’ is a difficult problem that gets solved when many people fix it.

True or False

4 - If a woman is ‘with child’, she has given birth.

True or False

5 - If you're ‘like a kid in a candy store’, you are excited.

True or False

6 - If you ‘rob the cradle’, you are dishonest with children.

True or False

7 - If a project is ‘in embryo’, it hasn't begun yet.

True or False

8 - People who help their team to get work ‘give jobs for the boys’.

True or False

9 - If a comment comes ‘out of the mouths of babes’, it is very silly.

True or False

10 - A new kid on the block’ is someone who has recently joined an organisation.

True or False


ANIMAL IDIOMS 2 (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - The shortest distance between two places is measured 'as the crow flies'.

True or False

2 - If you're nervous before doing something important, you have ‘butterflies in your chest’.

True or False

3 - If you ruin someone's plans, you ‘cook their ____’.

chicken, duck, goose, turkey

4 - If you get information directly from the person who knows, you get it ‘from the pig's mouth’.

True or False

5 - If you do something to its limits, you ‘go the whole ____’.

boar, hog, pig, sow

6 - The biggest part of something being divided is ‘the lion's share’.

True or False

7 - If you sense that something is wrong or suspicious, you ‘smell a ____’.

skunk, snake, mouse, rat

8 - If you ‘talk the hind legs off a donkey’, you talk plainly and honestly.

True or False

9 - Someone who works and functions well late at night is a ‘night ____’.

mare, owl, swallow, gull

10 - Someone that looks strong but is actually weak is a ‘paper ____’.

leopard, lion, panther, tiger


ANIMAL IDIOMS 1 (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - If you ‘bell the cat’, you try to do something that is very easy.

True or False?

2 - If someone is abandoned when they are in trouble, they are ‘thrown to the ____’.

devils, snakes, wolves, dogs

3 - A ‘grease ____’ is a slang term for a mechanic.

gun, dog, monkey, pig

4 - A difficult problem is ‘a ____ of fish’.

pool, pot, kettle, pan

5 - A ‘sitting ____’ is an easy target for criticism.

bull, goose, duck, horse

6 - Someone who ‘drinks like a fish’ drinks too much water.

True or False

7 - The ‘top ____’ is the most important person in an organization.

hat, cat, dog, cop

8 - If you grab the bull by its tail, you deal directly with a problem.

True or False

9 - If you have ‘a ____ in your bonnet’, you are very excited about something.

feather, hornet, bee, flea

10 - If you're like ‘a ____ out of water’, you are in an uncomfortable situation.

well, duck, fish, whale


BODY IDIOMS—FINAL SET (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - If people are ‘all ____’, they are clumsy at what they are doing.

toes, ear, jugulars, thumbs

2 - If you are ‘on the ____ foot’, you are at a disadvantage.

back, left, front, right

3 - An emotional speech is full of ‘____ and thunder’.

heart, lightning, blood, guts

4 - If you ‘get cold ____’, you lose the courage to do something.

ears, hands, feet, toes

5 - If you ‘get your ____ into’ something, you become deeply involved in a task or project.

fingers, teeth, claws, hands

6 - If you attack someone where they are vulnerable, you ‘go for the____’.

head, brain, jugular, heart

7 - If your ‘heart is in your ____’, you are very unhappy.

socks, shoes, slippers, boots

8 - If something ‘makes your blood ____’, it makes you furious.

hot, freeze, boil, frigid

9 - A ‘shot in the ____ ’ is something that gives you encouragement.

leg, arm, jugular, foot

10 - If you start on the wrong ____, you start something badly.

step, hand, foot, elbow


MORE BODY IDIOMS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - If something costs ‘an arm and a foot’, it is very expensive.

True or False

2 - If there's ‘bad blood’ between people, they should not have children together.

True or False

3 - If you ‘get your fingers burned’, you are too greedy.

True or False

4 - If you do something ‘by the ____ of your teeth’, you only just manage to do it.

pain, gums, brush, skin

5 - If you ‘cool your ____’, you wait a bit to calm down.

head, heels, toes, shoes

6 - You ‘dip your ____ in the water’ when you test something carefully.

feet, heels, head, toes

7 - If you say something accidentally, it is a ‘slip of the lips’.

True or False

8 – If someone is ‘under your thumb’, you don’t notice him.

True or False

9 - A ‘smack in the face’ is an embarrassing obstacle to your progress.

True or False

10 - If someone is ‘long in the tooth’, they are very hungry.

True or False



BODY IDIOMS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - If someone is ‘all ears’, they are very generous.

True or False?

2 - If you make ‘a ____ ear’ of something, you mess it up badly.

cow’s,   pig’s,   sow's

3 - If you ‘give someone the elbow’, you give your approval.

True or False?

4 - If you ‘save your own skin’, you shirk responsibility.

True or False?

5 - If you ‘shake a leg’, you dance.

True or False?

6 - If you are ‘in over your head’, you can cope with a situation.

True or False?

7 - A ‘kick in the ____’ is a disappointment or setback.

jaw,   butt,   teeth

8 - If you need ‘elbow room’, you haven't got enough space.

True or False?

9 - If you ‘pay lip service’ to something, you support it fully.

True or False?


CLOTHING IDIOMS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - If ‘the gloves are off’, people are behaving in a more polite manner.

True or False?

2 - If you are wearing very smart clothes, you are ‘dressed to the ____’.

teeth,   nines,  best,   tune

3 - If someone has ‘deep pockets’, they are ____.

miserly,   poor,   generous,   rich

4 - A ‘feather in your cap’ is an achievement.

True or False?

5 - If you keep something secret, you keep it ‘under your ____’.

collar,   hat,   vest,   bonnet

6 - If people are ‘hand in glove’, they are always fighting or arguing.

True or False?

7 - ‘If the ____ fits, wear it.’

tie,   shoe,   belt,   cap

8 - If you have a ‘trick up your sleeve’, you have an urgent problem.

True or False?

9 - If you say you'll ‘eat your ____’, you don't believe something.

cap,   shoe,   shirt,   hat

10 - If you ‘fly by the seat of your pants’, you do something easily because you are skilled.

True or False?


CRIME IDIOMS (copyright UsingEnglish.com)

1 - If something is 'a steal', it costs more than it's worth.
True or False

2 - If someone is 'on the lam', they're in prison.
True or False

3 - Someone who is '____ the run' is avoiding capture and arrest.
at,   in,   on,   for

4 - If people are 'as thick as thieves', they don't trust each other.
True or False

5 - If someone is 'in the dock', they are aboard ship.
True or False

6 - If someone does something very wrong but doesn't get caught, they 'get away with ____'.
murder,   robbery,   crime,   theft

7 - If someone is very unsuccessful in a venture, they 'make out like a bandit'.
True or False

8 - If people leave a restaurant without paying the bill, they '______ a runner'.
go,   are,   do,   catch

9 - Something that is too expensive is  'highway ____'.
theft,   robbery,   steal,   fraud

10 - When someone is ' ____ time', they are in prison.
making,   marking,   serving,   playing for






DEATH QUIZ (copyright UsingEnglish.com)


1 - If someone's a ‘dead man walking’, they are a zombie.

2 - If someone ‘falls on their sword’, they escape punishment.

3 - If someone has ‘a skeleton in their closet’, they have a secret about their past.

4 - We have an English proverb that ‘the sword is mightier than the pen’.

5 - If something is ‘dead in the water’, it will make slow progress.

6 - If someone ‘gives up the ghost’, they pray a lot in church.

7 - If you are ‘dead to the world’, no one will listen to you.

8 - A ‘grass widow’ is a woman whose husband is dead.

9 - If something is ‘a matter of life and death’, there is no solution possible.

10 - If someone is ‘at death's door’, they have died.

11- If a destination is ‘dead ahead’, it is unreachable.

Year-End Quiz

To say goodbye to 2016, GrammarBook.com put together a comprehensive quiz based on the year’s grammar posts. The quiz comprises 23 sentences that may—or may not—need grammar or spelling fixes plus two multiple-choice questions. Do you think you can fix the ones that need to be fixed?

1. The author stood behind the podium and checked his notes.

2. Her shoes were so wore out the heel fell off.

3. I wonder what Sam is making for dinner?

4. Jack's and mine house is now completely furnished

5. He used a tricky parking manuever in order to get out of the tight space.

6. Julie loves to sing at the café’s open mic night.

7. James is trying to decide between three college majors; accounting, finance, or economics.

8. The two sisters can wear each others clothes.

9. Have any issues arose regarding changing your flight?

10. A couple of dollars more could make a big difference.

11. You would think she may be used to the cold weather by now.

12. Choose the correct definition for the word ‘obfuscate’:

complain, clarify, confuse, mumble

13. Apparently she fainted in the womens’ restroom.

14. Evidentally you did not study for the test.

15. I hope the restaurant we chose is alright with you and your wife.

16. The baby has already outgrew her birthday dress.

17. Since the company was purchased, the website has underwent a complete makeover.

18. We plan to watch Clemson verse Alabama in the football championship next week.

19. The officer pointed out the no parking sign on that side of the street.

20. During the blizzard, the Chicago bound passengers were stranded.

21. Choose the correct definition for the word ‘gratuitous’:

wide-eyed, generous, costly, unnecessary

22. Orthoepy is the study of proper pronunciation.

23. We are having dinner with the Joneses’ tonight.

24. The glasses’s frames were bent.

25. After the accident, he was unable to lay flat on his back.